Reality Quest

Dowan Ha, a dedicated gamer, finds himself trapped in a nightmarish cycle of bullying within the virtual realm. Tormented by his peers, Dowan is coerced into tirelessly grinding to acquire coveted in-game items for his tormentors. The relentless cruelty reaches a crescendo when one of his bullies demands an impossibly rare item, threatening to expose him in front of the most beautiful girl in school if he fails. In a desperate bid to meet this demand, Dowan plunges into a relentless week-long gaming marathon until exhaustion claims his life. Yet, in a shocking twist of fate, the moment he draws his last breath, Dowan inexplicably respawns in his classroom, exactly one week before his impending demise. This inexplicable second chance offers Dowan a unique opportunity to break free from his tormentors and change the course of his tragic fate.