Reality Quest, Chapter 124, Season 2

Reality Quest Season 2 Release Date (Chapter 124)

The release date for Season 2 of Reality Quest has been confirmed for 2025, leaving fans disappointed after Season 1 concluded the beloved series. Nevertheless, enthusiasts can stay updated on upcoming seasons by staying connected with us. We’ll be sure to provide the latest news and updates on The Couple Breaker, so keep tuned in for all the latest developments.

Summary Of Reality Quest Season 1

Ha, Do-wan triumphed over the game’s creator, utilizing his Reality Quest card to fulfill any wish, thereby concluding the game. However, he harbored a dual aim: safeguarding the lives of all players, including those who perished during the game, including friends and foes alike.

Given that the game’s premise entailed winners meeting their demise, this action birthed a paradox. The saga commenced with a cataclysmic explosion resulting from the game’s catastrophic failure, obliterating the virtual reality realm.

In Chapter 123 of Reality Quest, as Ha Do-wan and fellow players grasp the unfolding events in the real world, the repercussions of his wish become apparent. His longing manifests before him, altering the course of events by halting the game’s fatal progression.

Furthermore, he ensures his recollections of the game deteriorate, becoming the sole bearer of its memory.